How can post referral link on Whatsapp Account?

Log on to www.addkartworld.com Click image of whatsapp after that you can share your referral link on Whatsapp.

When can I request for Bank transfer or Paytm?

You can request for bank transfer or Paytm between dated 01st to 05th every month.

What is the minimum amount I can transfer to Paytm or Bank?

You can transfer the minimum amount of $5 in your paytm or bank and after that you .can transfer $25 and after that you can transfer in multiples of $.50.

How to recover your password ?

Step 1. Go to login page
Step 2. Clickon Reset Password
Step 3. Enter your mobile number/Username
Step 4. Reset password link will be send to your registered email ID.
Step 5. Check your email inbox or your spam box for reset password link.

How to get 99 pins?

To get the PIN of 99. you first have to pay the system money on 99 forms. Then you need to get a pin request with Tranctions id, then you get the PIN.

What's the use 99's pin?

Only after you get a pin of 99, your Earnings Wallet will be open only if you will be able to payout . And your 99 is deposited in your shopping wallet, so you can buy any shopping wallet at any time.

What are the rules and regulations to apply Adview Payout?

You must have 1 level level achievement in order to apply Adview Payout. After 1 level level achievement, you can pay a payout of $ 5, $ 25 and up to $ 50. To take more than this, you have to be 2nd level achievement.

Payout without any level can be taken?

You can get Level Activation Payout Shopping Income Bonanza Income Advantage Income by availing the level without charge.

What is the difference between shopping and bonanza?

In Bonanza you will meet for Limited Products Limited period but you can shop at any time in shopping.

How long will the pay imposed by us?

Adview payout will be given by the end of the month till 05th of the following month, other all the payouts will be given to monday of each week.

What is the use of support?

In support, you can share troubles in the company's work, etc. It's totally free.

What is the use of Query Ticket?

If details are filled in your profile, you can make a Query ticket to improve it. After serving this, your current balance will be deducted from $1.

How many tasks are done after the registration is completed?

After clearing the registration, 5 tasks have to be completed.

How many Tasks to be executed daily?

The user has to complete 20 tasks daily.

What to do to register?

For new user registration, the user must be 18+ and a mobile number email id PAN card account number / Paytm.

Do I need to renew Id again?

Yes, you will have to renew your id every year and the renewal amount will also be deposited in your shopping wallet.

When the id can be canceled ?

When you do not do any activities on the id for 3 consecutive months, your ID will be blocked.

Will the blocked ID be opened?

First you have to email again You have to make Query tickets to open the blocked id.

Can 2 Id be run from a mobile?

At any stage 2 Id can not be run by a mobile.

How to get information about the company's entire plan and company?

To know the company's entire plan and company, you have to visit the company's website.

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